Empathetic engineering consultants

Fully in motion and 100% connected

Working for a better Infrastructure

Everyone uses the public infrastructure on a daily basis. From highway to electricity grid, fully in motion and 100% connected. We are working to perfect these networks every day! That’s what we find both challenging and fun, because things can always get safer, faster, cheaper, more sustainable.

Our Company


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Consultants of Stevin exchange knowledge and experience of system engineering gained within civil engineering to the energy sector.
Systems Engineering for Prorail.
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Sharp actions, clear results

Operational and tactical

We are a young and growing group of independent consultants who support you in designing, building and maintaining technical assets in the public sector. We advice both on operational and tactical level and we implement on technical-organisational level and we manage projects and programs.

Smart and pleasant cooperation
Unique in our collaboration is the connection between people and technology. That is our strength and at the same time our enjoyment of work. We love the beauty of a technically perfect construction. We are proud of the result for the end user. And we get a kick out of a smart and good cooperation with our client. Therefore, we believe in sharp actions, clear results.